Research and Development

Rise n’ Shine Biotechnology research focuses on providing integrated solutions in the required area to accelerate the progress of biotechnology in the field of agriculture. It has a fully-fledged international standard Research and Development Department with 8000 sq. ft. of Laboratory space. Established with the aim to carry out need based research that improves the quality of plants and maintains the genetic purity of commercial crops. The genetic fidelity testing facilities ensure the purity of the strains.
Research & Development Department with 350-sq.ft laboratory space was established in the year 2009, followed by a hi-tech international standard laboratory with the area of 8000 sq.ft, inaugurated in 2013, operating within the premises. Our R&D Division is recognized by the government’s highly esteemed organization “Department of Scientific and Industrial Research” in the year, 2013.
Policy :

Applied and collaborative research to achieve techno-commercial and eco-friendly solutions.

Molecular Biology Laboratory :

Established with an aim to carry out need based research that improves the quality of plants and maintain the genetic purity of commercial crops. Research aspects include molecular breeding in floriculture, screening for positive mutants for improving productive traits in Banana, environmental pollution control and focusing on generation of pure seed material in orchids. R&D complex is well equipped with modern hi tech and sophisticated equipments.

Plant Pathology Laboratory :

Plant Pathology Laboratory facility provides support for pathogen free elite plant material for commercial production. This facility includes high-end equipments.

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory:

Plant tissue culture lab supports active work stations for research executives and students to make productive contributions in the plant biotechnology segment. Our state of the art Research & Development have innovative technology and a stringent quality control regime which ensures best services. Technology supported micropropagation protocol development and the genetic fidelity testing facilities guarantees the purity of the commercial products.

We have developed micro-propagation for over 60 economically significant plants including ornamental plant species, which are rare and high in demand.

  1. Currently, we are concentrating on micro propagation research using a plastic glass temporary immersion bioreactor (TIB), which we can customize and fabricate according to the culture requirements for micro-propagation.

Other Activities

  • In vitro propagation of endangered plant species Nepenthes (a rare insectivorous plant) and at same we have few more spices of insectivorous plant Drosera capensis,Tillandsia bulbusa,Drosera adelae
  • In vitro propagation of fern plant species Blechum Gibbum silver lady, Platycerium ellisi, Crytopium falactum, Tangue fern, Drypentrium lepidopode
  • In-vitro propagation of Ginger, Pomegranate, sugarcane, strawberry, Asparagus, Thornless black berry, Thai Gauva, Pineapples and coffee.

In addition we have developed the protocol for Jewel Orchid and Ludo orchid and are in pilot scale production. At same we have developed protocol for ornamental ficus species.

High tech projects are also underway in the field of customized LED lighting for energy conservation and on agar degradation for treatment of industrial wastes through ecofriendly approach.

Memorandum of understanding is signed between Rise N’ Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Theur and Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute (Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth), Tathawade, Pune for research collaboration in field of applied Biotechnology.

  1. We have obtained funding from Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune for a joint collaborative between Dr. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinoformatic institute, Tathwade and Rise n’ Shine Biotech. PVT. LTD. project titled "Application of a bioreactor system for sustainable in-vitro propagation of Musa acuminate (Grand naine)".
  2. We are collaborating with DPU Medical on the study of Nepenthes, a carnivorous plant that has potential applications in combating the Dengue and Malaria viruses.