Horticulture is the science and art of the development, sustainable production, marketing and use of high-value, intensively cultivated food and ornamental plants.

Rise n’ Shine is certified by National Research Station for Banana and Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (DBT) Horticulture Company in Pune.

Our aim is to be a leading Horticulture plant supplier in Pune that provide virus-free, best quality, high yielding plants that are available throughout the year.

Rise n’ Shine is one of the Horticulture Company in Pune that specializes in producing export quality Tissue Culture Banana plants.

Banana (Musa sp.) is the second most important fruit crop in India ranking just below mango. Its year round availability, affordability, varietal range, taste, nutritive and medicinal value makes it the favorite fruit among all classes of people. It has also good export potential.

Rise n’ Shine’s horticulture aided Hi-tech cultivation of this crop makes it economically viable to local cultivators leading to increase in productivity, improvement in produce quality and early crop maturity with the produce commanding premium price.

The company has gained fame a go to Horticulture plant exporter in India for export quality banana plantation.

We also provide additional support to Indian farmers for domestic fruit market.

Thousands of hectares of Bananas plantations by Indian farmers have benefitted tremendously from our technology and plants propagation system making us a popular name as Horticulture plant supplier in Pune.

The certifications and recognition by government institutes adds a feather in our cap as we become leading Horticulture plant exporter in Pune.

Our sophisticated methods of plant tissue culture has lead us to becoming a one stop solution Horticulture company in Pune