Nature smiles on those who understands her laws and abides by them.

Rise n’ Shine is a vision by Dr. Bhagyashree Patil who is deeply inspired by her passion for nature and the need for integrating technology in local produce to get world class products. We stated this venture in 2004 with an aim to be a leading name in floriculture and Horticulture Company in Pune.

The company strives to be among the top tissue culture production company in India with its activities spanning across for interlinked verticals- Biotechnology, Floriculture, Horticulture and Exotic Plant nursery. As a Floriculture and Horticulture company in Pune we focus on propagation of healthy banana plants and other ornamental as well as flowering plants that light up anyone’s life. Our products include carnations, gerbera’s, orchids, chrysanthemums etc.

Rise n’ Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 - 2015 certified company and an exporter of international standards plants. We have tie up and customer bases set up at more than 30 countries around the world. The company’s desire to be the top tissue culture production company in India is supported by the availability of dedicated Research and Development division with extensive infrastructure to ensure best possible products to match the world standards.

We strongly believe in partnering with Mother Nature to reap its rich bounty.

The company has an up to date tissue culture laboratory with world class infrastructure with a production capacity of 40 million plants/annum.

Raising its standards as a leader in Horticulture Company in India, Rise n’ Shine has made tremendous progress in banana cultivation that is in tune with national organizations. We are actively involved with local farmers for domestic fruit market and also assist them in plant propagation system.

We strongly support the notion of women empowerment and our 80% staff is female.

Other than being the prominent horticulture company in Pune we have other ventures which include Rise n’ Shine exotic plant nursery and Rise n’ shine botanical boutique.

Authorized propagator & distributor for Dummen Orange (Holland) & Montiplanta.
Authorized propagator & distributor for Dummen Orange (Holland).

Authorized propagator & distributor for Dummen Orange (Holland).
Authorized distributor for Kultana Orchid.
Darwin Plants:
Authorized propagator for Darwin Plants B.V. Holland tissue culture perennial plants.
Authorized propagator & distributor for tissue culture Banana plant.


 To offer scientifically tested laboratory to farm solutions using cutting edge research and the latest technology & practices.


 To be a leading player in Biotechnology, Floriculture and Horticulture sectors by continuously bench marking products and services with global standards.