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Lets make our environment PURE  and FUTURE Generation SAFE.  Plastic has already caused immense damage to our mother Nature and now its high time to sensible taking measures to save our Nature.


Under the able guidance of our Chairperson and Managing Director Mrs Bhagyashree Patil, Rise n Shine group of company is committed also to join hands in taking oath to contribute to The honorable Prime Minister commitment to the Nation of doubling the income of farmers and to the  stand on plastic  to save mother nature. On behalf of entire famers from India our CMD, Mrs Bhagyashree Patil madam request is to seek indulgence to institute measures for the ban on the import of plastic flowers. This will give our floriculture community a chance to join the “Grow in India” campaign for a better tomorrow.

The Rise n Shine team handed over the application about request to ban artificial flower to Hon’ble Chief Minister respected Shri  Devendra Fadnavis ji through Mr Shravan Kamble , Mr Dhananjay Kadam,Ms Rekha Thakur, Mr. Abhijeet Durve- flower trader Mumbai Mr
Pandharinath panaskar-flower Grower & trader,Mr Rakahe Flower grower & trader

Our Indian Floriculture farmers today is facing tremendous problem of plastic flowers.

Artificial plastic flowers are born dead. 😔

Natural Flowers can speak with us if we listen to them believe Mrs Bhagyashree Patil.🙂 Natural flowers always brings happiness to all of us!!!😊

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